Hauppauge WIN/TV Celebrity

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Wed, 30 Aug 1995 09:32:53 +0200

Brian L. Davis wrote:

>Has anyone had any luck using the "Celebrity" version of this board?
>I've tried to use it with Cu-seeme on a win 3.11 machine, an OS/2 3.0
>machine and a Win NT 3.5 machine, with no luck. Just get snow. i could
>sure use some hard info on setting up to use this board..

I am able to use this board satisfactorily, but it took me some time to get
it right, and I'm still not sure what finally did the job.

1. Get the latest Hauppauge software (3.81b I think)

2. Check the hardware settings for conflicts (Frame buffer, interrupt) (But
note that the Hauppauge recommended method of loading and resaving a clip to
see if it gets corrupted didn't work for me)

3. Experiment with screen drivers and screen fonts. I also had problems
getting video for windows working, and the trick was to change the screen
font. Incomprehensible but it worked.

I think there is a lot of interaction with the video driver, and some
accelerator cards give problems.