Cautionary note re TALK window

Jean Armour Polly (
Wed, 30 Aug 1995 11:46:25 -0400

Although IMHO the end user perception is that the username in the video
window, the name in the participant's list, and the name in the TALK window
are all the same per connected ip number, this is not always the case.
Some CUSeeMe clients do the following:
Video window and participant's list show the name used when first
connecting, whereas the Talk window shows the current value of the user
name, which may have been changed.
This allows users to impersonate other users, with predictable results.
You can't be sure who you're *really* talking to.
Worse, things can be said in the name of a legitimate person in a normal
video window, who doesn't even have her TALK window open, and can't see
what is being said.
Example: Connie Chung smiling away in normal video window, without her TALK
window open.
Some wiseacre opens up his TALK window, changes his username to
ConnieChung, and starts saying impolite things about Newt Gingrich's
mother. Connie doesn't even know it and other users think Connie's gone off
the deep end of the Net.
Something akin to this happened to me yesterday, but I saw it and made note
of the IP numbers connected at the time.

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