World broadcast

Bob Cherry (
Wed, 30 Aug 1995 09:50:49 -0700

After reviewing the comments on this list, it is apparent that it is
not feasible to use CU-SeeME for the world broadcast I have coming up.
This was the primary package I had intended to use however due to the
many limitations and bugs in the various software, I must revert to
something a bit more friendly. Unless I'm wrong, the current limits
that I see are:

Windows client doesn't work - especially audio.
Bandwidth requirements, even for audio only, are way too high.
Can't be used over dial-up. 56K minimum required.
Can't be run without a video controller.
No Unix client.

I contacted White Pine software and they told me their productized
version will not be compatible with the Cornell clients. As a result,
if I were to get a working emitter from them (Windows) nobody could get
the feed using the Cornell package.

Using a T1 to a 56K line direct, last nights broadcast from the House
of Blues (?) was totally unsatisfactory. The audio was bad that I quit
after just a few minutes. I thus question if even a 56K line is
adequate for this application. I;ve sampled other reflectors using the
10Mb ethernet to my PC and have never received a clean audio signal.
Video is usually broken up as well.

I've since evaluated MBone, IRC, VocalTec, RealAudio, and other multi-
media products and its apparent that some of these can handle audio
over a 14.4K dialup.

What are the plans, if any, to correct these problems in the near term?
For commercial applications of a global scope it is necessary that
people all over the world be able to participate using a variety of
different platforms and connections to the Internet. If there is a
varient of CU-SeeME which can do this task, can somebody point me in
the right direction? White Pine is not a solution.

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