Re: Audio/video spam

Bob Cherry (
Wed, 30 Aug 1995 11:42:52 -0700

>I sure hope CU-SeeMe doesn't lead to the incredibly wasteful and
>redundant practice of rebroadcasting on the net that which is already on
>television. A recent post hinted at this.

The broadcast we are investigating is for the International Bluegrass
Music Awards show. We will be broadcasting AUDIO ONLY. This program
will NOT be broadcast on Television nor via Satellite as it has been
done in the past. We have acquired the rights for the Internet to be
the global broadcast medium for this show. For the thousands of people
who are interested in this, their only way to receive it will be via
the net. Most international listeners are limited to 9.6K dialup due
to their current technology. The IRC based NetPhone, VocalTec, etc.
can handle this quite easily however, I was hoping to use the CU-SeeMe
as I feel it is better suited for this type of endeavor. It probably
will be in a year but its not quite where we need it yet.

Don't get me wrong...I was NOT condeming the product as many have sent
me messages on. I was just stating that based on input from both
Cornell and White Pine, it isn't mature enough for our application at
this time. As a development tool however, its great and I commend all
those who have worked on it!

One more thing...I have read post after post after post on this list
stating that there are known limitations and bugs with the software.
Many message has indicated major problems with the audio capabilities.
This is expected as its still in development. What is interesting is
that after my post, I received numerous messages indicating that there
were no limitations/bugs with the products. It would be nice if the
people who have found ways around the limitations would be nice enough
to share the information. Especially since both development agencies
have acknowledged their existance.
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