Re: World broadcast

Wed, 30 Aug 1995 16:44:04 -0500

Does anyone know if there a way to broadcast over MBONE and
mirror the broadcast simultaniously to multiple CU-SeeMe reflectors?
I have a project where I've been asked to do this but I'm not clear
on if it can be done, or how. If anyone has any pointers to specific
info I can look at I would greatly appreciate your help.

>On Wed, 30 Aug 1995, Bob Cherry wrote:
>> Windows client doesn't work - especially audio.
>Does work with good connection.
>> Bandwidth requirements, even for audio only, are way too high.
>14,400 won't. 28,800 will in 16kdelta audio
>> Can't be used over dial-up. 56K minimum required.
>Close to the truth
>> Can't be run without a video controller.
>If you mean compression card... you won't be able to send without one but
>you can receive with as little as sound card.
>> No Unix client.
>Using NV and VAT you can broadcast and receive via CUSeeme reflectors.
>I also find it hard to believe that White Pines will go through the pain
>of ensuring that Cornell client software won't work with their system.
>The MBONE is your only real alternative but you then eliminate all those
>PC and MAC users without a CUSeeme element.