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Little Robbie Burcham (
Wed, 30 Aug 1995 16:46:17 -0500 (CDT)

On Wed, 30 Aug 1995, Roger Lee Boston wrote:

> Bob you may be right about White Pine not being a solution - there seems
> a great need for a workable solution to v/conferencing at 28.8 dialup PPP
> speeds and yes readlaudio demonstrates what can be done make that
> possibility so tempting. Even having to ask for a little "hardware card"
> to do some crunching to help the process along would not be offensive
> when you consider the potential benefits to us low end 'net users.

By the time an affordable hardware (exp. card) solution becomes accepted,
the physical network will have evolved in one form or another. Within a
year ISDN could be a more viable option for most people. Digital cable
modems may bring 2Mb/s to your doorstep sooner than you think. The point
is, don't think the burden should be on your computer to do the work of
producing a miracle with only a thin trickle of data. By the time that
"miracle" is realized, the physical network will be able to give you more
data than it can now, thus making existing software solutions acceptable.

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