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Barry L. Lankford (
Wed, 30 Aug 95 21:46:06 CDT

>On Wed, 30 Aug 1995, Little Robbie Burcham wrote:

>By the time an affordable hardware (exp. card) solution becomes accepted,
>the physical network will have evolved in one form or another. Within a
>year ISDN could be a more viable option for most people. Digital cable
>modems may bring 2Mb/s to your doorstep sooner than you think. The point
>is, don't think the burden should be on your computer to do the work of
>producing a miracle with only a thin trickle of data. By the time that
>"miracle" is realized, the physical network will be able to give you more
>data than it can now, thus making existing software solutions acceptable.

It has been widely speculated that analog modems faster than 28.8Kb will not
be made since that would be pushing into ISDN territory, so this puts the
quest for faster dial up data rates squarely into the hands of the telephone
companies. Unfortunately the telephone companies have never been known to
provide increased services without a hefty price increase. Around here ISDN
goes for $66 a month after a large installation fee. In addition to that is
the cost of the ISDN terminal adapter and the equipment to connect your
analog phones to the digital ISDN line. The same situation applies to any
possible data connection via TV cable. If anyone is more likely to get all
that the market will bear than the telephone companies, it is the TV cable

I think faster data rates are several years OR many dollars away. I also
think there is plenty of room for improvement in squeezing more video and
audio data into 28.8Kb/s. I get reasonably good video-only performance at
14.4Kb/s, and I also get good audio-only performance at 14.4Kb/s with
Internet Phone,and I-Phone claims to only use 7.7Kb/s. If CU-SeeMe audio
and video could be interleaved at these data rates, there is plenty of room
for both at 28.8Kb/s even leaving room for improvements in resolution, frame
rate, etc., or maybe even color! As long as people want these things and
appreciate what they get, I think it will come.

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