Re: voice at 14.4 on the Mac

Chuck Crews (
Thu, 31 Aug 1995 02:11:13 +0100

> Yes, I have noticed this claim by Netphone. But just because it supports
> vat, to me that doesn't mean it is compatible with CU-seeme. I have yet to
> see somebody use Netphone or Maven to connect to a Cu-seeme user, whether it
> be directly or via a reflector...
> Rogene

Between numerous SLIP/PPP hiccups, we did the '95 SleazeFest (audio-only)
through 28.8 using Maven, NetPhone, and CU-SeeMe. (It sounded pretty lousy,
thanks to the bandwidth limitations. We had ISDN planned, but the local
telco dragged and dropped the order, as it were.) Still, CU-SeeMe
(reflector and client) worked fine with the VAT protocol as sent/received
by Maven and NetPhone.

For some reason, delta-mod from the show chopped out when going straight to
the reflector, so we rigged up a Maven-Maven delta-mod connection over the
dialup link to a higher speed network and then routed the sound into
another machine running NetPhone, which sent the VAT signal to the
reflector. We tested the reflector with a CU-SeeMe 8.0 beta and were able
to receive the VAT signal fine. The same setup worked when the final VAT
kick up to the reflector was via Maven as well as via CU-SeeMe, but neither
of them was as stable as NetPhone.

While by no means perfect, NetPhone is a very nice product. The protocol on
my NetPhone wish list is delta-mod. I hope they include it in a future

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