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Karl-Heinz Gasper (
Thu, 31 Aug 1995 08:31:34 +0000

>Reply-to: Don't
>Good luck! I made the mistake about saying there were problems with the
>windows client and received over 50 messages today saying there was
>absolutely nothing wrong with it. No audio problems. Nothing. Of course,
>not one person would offer any advice - they just told me to "get a life",
>"buy a Mac", "Quit the spamming of CUSM", "Get off the list!", etc. A
>real professional attitude on this list...I'm outta here! I've found a
>working solution which will work over a 9.6K line. Tested and verified.
Hi Bob,
You did not make a mistake, the current versions of CuSeeMe have serious
bugs and for different applications unusable:
1) Video receive
The resize button does not work ( zooming from 160x120 to 320x240 )
( or the announced high resolution option is not realized )
2) Video send
I could not test because I have no video board.
3) Audio receive
The fact, that sound appears minutes later than the video part, if you have
luck, is unsatisfactory. This is not a matter of bandwidth. I simultaneously
tested a VAT session on the same reflector without problems.
4) Audio send
My test results were all negative:
a) CUS ==> VAT a clicking and poping; no usable sounds
b) CUS(PC) ==> CUS(PC) a clicking and poping like above
(this was a point to point connection)
c) CUS(PC) ==> CUS(Mac) a scarcely hearable sound
( this was a point to point connection )

Because I cannot send video, I have no panel to set the audio options;
therefore I followed the recommendation to update the ini-file.
Here are the recommended parameter settings:
[Audio Settings]
BufferSize=100 mSec
Encoding Method=dvi (32Kb/s)
Want Lurkers=Yes
Full Duplex=No
Microphone Level=128
Speaker Level=0
Squelch Level=128
Push To Talk Mode=Yes
Audio Window Open=Yes

Now, I hope to get a lot of constructive messages, no polemics!
What I will, is: this product should get a state, that everyone can
work with it without problems.

Karl-Heinz e-mail: Germany