reflect4.00b1 on Solaris2.4 core dumped.

Yozo Toda (
Thu, 31 Aug 1995 19:22:47 +0900

Hi, I try to run reflect4.00b1 on solaris2.4.
but in 20--30 seconds it core-dumped.
There remains nothing related to the problem in reflect.log.

I try to use nv to transmit X grabbed picture to the reflector
(with cuseeme encoding),
and of course I can see the other nv window connected to the reflector
while the reflector is running (in 20--30 seconds, very short time!!)

Here is the output from gdb.

(gdb) where
#0 0x29430 in send_nv_ocp ()
#1 0x196c0 in do_timer ()
#2 0x15828 in receive ()
#3 0x132dc in __cg89_used ()

I suspect the problem come from the fact that
reflector4.00b1 is a version for Solaris2.3, not 2.4. Or other problem??
Without the source code I cannot chase the problem any more...

-- yozo. digest reader (-: