Re: Cautionary note re TALK window

Jean Armour Polly (
Thu, 31 Aug 1995 10:33:53 -0400

At 12:06 PM 8/31/95, Halvor Kise jr. wrote:
>I am willing to bet that that user came from (
>We have had the same troubble here. I know that they are denied from the
>cornell reflector for the same reason. We have been in touch with the
>system administration at who is willing to throw this guy out
>if they catch him. He is often connected to several reflectors at the
>same time and stays connected for a long time. So if the system
>administration gets a phone whenever this thing happends they can catch him.
>We are currently denying anything from and so will any
>reflecor that we are connected to in the near future.
>- Halvor.

Dear Halvor-- we need a private reflector/listserv for people who run
reflectors, to share this info!

Yes, I had problems from and 128.8.73xxx I did report it to
the administrator:
William Kupersanin <>
Computer Science Center
University of Maryland College Park
voice: (301) 405-0044 fax: (301) 314-9220
Is he the same guy you have been talking to?

We may get good news though. Yesterday I kept the youngster engaged in
conversation about lots of things (I have a TALK transcript where he admits
he has done this on lots of reflectors) and contacted the sysadmin to tell
him the ips of the machines involved. I *think* they may have nabbed him
yesterday around 6 PM EST (-5 GMT) although I have not been contacted by
UMD yet today.

I will keep you posted on events. Thank you for contacting me!

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