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>From: Bob Cherry[]
>Sent: Wednesday, August 30, 1995 12:50 PM
>Subject: World broadcast
>After reviewing the comments on this list, it is apparent that it is
>not feasible to use CU-SeeME for the world broadcast I have coming up.
>This was the primary package I had intended to use however due to the
>many limitations and bugs in the various software, I must revert to
>something a bit more friendly. Unless I'm wrong, the current limits
>that I see are:

World broadcasts have been conducted in the past with much success.

> Windows client doesn't work - especially audio.

The new version V.66 does support audio. It is availiable on the White Pine
server at

> Bandwidth requirements, even for audio only, are way too high.

OK... This is a problem for modem users.

> Can't be used over dial-up. 56K minimum required.

Won't argue here, however, audio can be heard if the sender is using the
delta-mod 16K codec.

> Can't be run without a video controller.

This is wrong... You simply need a VGA or SVGA with a monitor (is that a
video controller?)

> No Unix client.

That is true.

>I contacted White Pine software and they told me their productized
>version will not be compatible with the Cornell clients. As a result,
>if I were to get a working emitter from them (Windows) nobody could get
>the feed using the Cornell package.

This is TOTALLY WRONG. The enhanced version of CU-SeeMe from White Pine
WILL be compatible with the Cornell client.

>Using a T1 to a 56K line direct, last nights broadcast from the House
>of Blues (?) was totally unsatisfactory. The audio was bad that I quit
>after just a few minutes. I thus question if even a 56K line is
>adequate for this application. I;ve sampled other reflectors using the
>10Mb ethernet to my PC and have never received a clean audio signal.
>Video is usually broken up as well.

Hmmm... I wonder why you are having all these problems... Others have
similar configurations and do not experience as many problems.

>I've since evaluated MBone, IRC, VocalTec, RealAudio, and other multi-
>media products and its apparent that some of these can handle audio
>over a 14.4K dialup.
>What are the plans, if any, to correct these problems in the near term?

The V1.0 release will have a quality 8K audio codec. This will allow audio
only to be received over a 14.4 modem. The video codec will also be
reworked with some better bandwidth management as well, the target of a
28.8K modem will be achieved.

>For commercial applications of a global scope it is necessary that
>people all over the world be able to participate using a variety of
>different platforms and connections to the Internet. If there is a
>varient of CU-SeeME which can do this task, can somebody point me in
>the right direction? White Pine is not a solution.

Sorry that you were not able to put your project together. Others have been
successful doing similar projects. You will probably not find any product
that meets your expectations and may need to adjust what your scope is.
Until the enhanced version is available, you will have difficulty with
audio over modem connections.

White Pine is committed to enhancing CU-SeeMe and making it a commercially
viable product. Our target is to have a version that supports 28.8K modem
connections for a single point conference or receive only broadcast. Your
project would fit the specifications for our V1.0 release. Look for this
release before the end of the year.

Best regards,

Forrest Milkowski
Director of Product Marketing
White Pine Software

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