Re: World broadcast

Richard Collins (
Thu, 31 Aug 1995 18:30:11 -0230

The greatest two lessons from the Sharevision system is the inclusion of
fairly standard hardware compression (indeo) and a 95% priority towards
audio quality when bandwidth times are tough.

I dare say we're better off waiting for those things to be brought to
CUSeeme whether by Cornell or White Pines. No doubt you're right in
assuming that Cornell's experience on network traffic/compression issues
is invaluable.

I'm not picking on CUSeeme. I use it; I love it. I'm making it work for
some pretty exciting applications. Like all the users I'm kinda eager
for the above two changes to be considered.

On Thu, 31 Aug 1995, Don Johnson wrote:

> >
> >6 to 7 frames per sec and very good full duplex audio is the champ at
> >28,800 so far and would be useable on our present day net. The fact that
> >the audio is considered a necessity in this arrangement and given the
> >lions share of low bandwidth is a great advantage.
> >
> I agree that Creative Labs has a good product for the "low end" but getting
> 6-7 FPS on Pots ain't getting 6-7 FPS on the Net nor the same quality of
> audio. I'm not so sure that CUSM wouldn't compete very favorably. Video wise
> now and audio later if Creative ported over to the Net.
> Don Johnson