Lee Still (
Thu, 31 Aug 1995 22:09:02 -0400

I have experimented with CU-SEEME with good results using a Video Spigot at work. At home I have a REVEAL TV500 TV overlay and capture board that also works normally except that my local video shows a negative image (all received images are fine). I experimented with all the controls on the TV500 but to no avail:

Is there a way to invert the video so as to present a positive image in this case?

Also, at home I installed Win95 over my existing WFWG installation and CU-SEEME seems to work normally (Win95 Sockets over a SLIP line) but at times the received video windows are not painted. If I cover them with another window breifly it seems to force a repaint so that I can see the whatever exists in the video buffer. This may just be a bug in Win95 driver because I didn't notice this when running WWFG 3.11. (I have a Diamond SE with S3 chip).

In any case keep up the good work. I have written a few lines of client/server software in my time and I know it ain't easy.