Speed required for CUSeeMe

Dennis J. Streveler (strev@mobius.net)
Thu, 01 Aug 1996 08:09:22 -0700

Hola Francisco,

It is nearly impossible to use CU at 14.4. I have never heard of a case
where anybody gets more than an occasional partial still frame at 14.4. It
is just not enough bandwidth. Like trying to move the ocean through a
drinking straw, I'd say. Rather impossible. Get yourself a 28.8 modem and
make sure your ISP will allow you to connect at that speed. Otherwise I'd
stick to audio applications (Internet Phone, Intel Internet Phone, etc.)
which work quite handily at 14.4.


PS By the way I have been corresponding with another Peruvian, Pablo Ulises
Pena <pablo@wari.rcp.net.pe>, perhaps you two should work together on this,
as I don't know if you know each other.

>Hello Dennis,
>I'm attempting to establish connections with CUSM reflectors over a 14.4 USR
>modem. My own video window says I am getting 10 to 14 fpm even thought I set
>max frame to 8. Should I quit? Spending on a 28.8 modem IS an investment for
>me after the B&W QuickCam, even worse if I'm not shure is my ISP nor the CO
>can give me the capabilities for such speed.
>PS:1. Mobius stripes has no ends, hope your patience is the same (not
>topologically :) )Tell me where do you use to log in. I'm bored of beeing
>"banned" by informal speaking people instead of technicians :)
>"Be thankful for problems. If they were less difficult, someone with
> less ability might have your job"
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