Re: Speed required for CUSeeMe

Steve Rogers (
Thu, 1 Aug 96 13:25:59 CDT

> From Thu Aug 1 12:44:47 1996

> From: (Joseph Kahan)

> At 8:09 AM 8/1/96, Dennis J. Streveler wrote:
> >
> >It is nearly impossible to use CU at 14.4. I have never heard of a case
> >where anybody gets more than an occasional partial still frame at 14.4. It
> >is just not enough bandwidth.
> I don't want to sound like I don't agree, but I have tested 14.4 K modem
> connections with up to 8 fps, bi-directional, directly from Moscow to Houston.
> The fact is... a 14.4 K modem is more stable than a 28.8 K because of
> compression.

I use CU at 14.4 all the time, and I get quite a lot more than "occasional
partial still frames". 14.4 won't do voice, and it won'd update more than
2-3 frames very well - but it certainly works at 14.4. I have a T1 at work
where I use CU most of the time, so I know what both worlds are like.