Re: UNIX version?

Daniel P. Kamalic (
Thu, 01 Aug 96 16:56:45 -0400

> And on top of that, you have to get MBONE support. I don't know
> about most of you guys, but getting multicasting setup at my school would
> involve so much beauracracy (sp?) that it just wouldn't be worth it.
> MBONE is a tremendous tool, but the *nix's of the world need
> simple peer to peer CU-SEEME like client.

Yeah, MBONE is wonderful. We do have it here, but we're looking for
something that would be usable from non-unices and
potentially outside of MIT. Perhaps I could do the system using CU
or something and later add unix support through MBONE. But is
there any easy way to link an MBONE runner such as sdr into a
web page?