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Thu, 01 Aug 1996 20:52:42 -0500

>Date: Thu, 1 Aug 1996 10:36:24 -0700
>From: (Mark Vogel)
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>Subject: Dynamic IP Addresses
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>My ISP only offers dynamic IP addressing which makes it more difficult to
>use CU-SeeMe for impromtu sessions with friends and clients. I guess the
>same problems will occur as we get more Internet-like phone products.
>Anyone have an automated solution for fixing this problem? How about
>someone creating a server where you could register your IP address and
>e-mail addresses when you log on which could be used by these products to
>resolve locations?
>Any other ideas or plans out there?

I meet my friends in my IRC channel. You could do the same thing easily.
You can do a /whois to see if they are there, or you can prearrange to meet
in a particular channel. You don't even have to use an existing can just type /join #dynamic or something like that, and the
channel will be created for you at that time. Your friends can join you
there, and you can exchange IP addresses, leave IRC, and then connect with CU.

The IRC client for the PC called mIRC even has a /DNS <nickname> command
which will lookup the IP address of that person. This way you could just
load up CU, connect to IRC, join the channel, and your friends could go to
IRC, do a /dns yourname to get your IP, and then they could connect directly
to you, or vice-versa. This works well for lots of people. It's also nice
to just CHAT with people on IRC without using the camera.

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