Re: Video Camera and CU-SEEME

Steve Rogers (
Fri, 2 Aug 96 10:32:25 CDT

> From: Joe Sommer <>
> Has anyone successfully hooked up a video camera (Sony handycam etc.)
> to an installed video board or TV card? -I have a Compaq Presario with
> the TV card installed and I can hook up a VCR or a camera to the system.

I plugged a Sony into my AV Mac and it sends a very nice picture. Of
course, that doesn't address all the machinations required to get it to
work with a PC. About a year ago, I spent several weeks getting a PC
configured to use a Creative Labs video blaster card. The first card
was defective, and it took considerable putzing around with IRQs to
confirm that. Then Creative Labs shipped me a replacement that wasn't
compatible with the Pentium - shipped it back - third time was the charm.
CUSM only works with certain cards, however.

All in all, the Mac was much easier.