RE: Color quickcam win95 cuseeme vdophone cinevideo WORKS!!!!

Leo Karan (
Sat, 03 Aug 1996 01:54:00 -0300

>The workaround is this:
>edit the cuseeme.ini file
>find the [capture settings] section
>change the line CaptureDepth= from 24 to 16
>save and exit
>startup Enhanced CU-SeeMe (user gets an all-white local video window)
>go to preferences - change codec to color.
>The user should be all set after that.
I have a cuseeme WO.84b7 copy, but it doesn't have CaptureDepth= in [capture
settings] section in the cuseeme.ini file. May I find it only at "Enhanced
CU-SeeMe"? I pretend install a QuickCam Color, so how can I do to get a
copy of Enhanced CU-SeeMe?

Thanks in advance.
Leo Karan.