Questions about chaining reflectors with ADMIT-GENERAL-BCC

Andrew Gent (
Sat, 3 Aug 96 22:07:19 EDT


I have a few questions for those of you who are successfully
running multiple reflectors together.

What we are trying to do is chain two or more reflectors together
to broadcast live feeds to large groups. We are trying to do this
with ADMIT-GENERAL-BCC and OBTAIN-GENERAL-BCC. However, our attempts
have failed to work.

The situation is this:

We are using CUSeeME Reflect V4.0b3 on two Digital UNIX systems.

Reflector A is set up with "ADMIT-GENERAL-BCC 4 0" in reflect.conf.

Reflector B is set up with "OBTAIN-GENERAL-BCC {IP address of A} 0"
in reflect.conf.

No matter what order the reflectors are started, or whether
we use the -broadcast argument, we are not getting any feed on
Reflector B. However, we are seeing the following error in the
log file for Reflector A:

"Reflector configuration mis-match from {IP address of B}"

Question #1: Has anyone succeeded at using ADMIT-GENERAL-BCC and
OBTAIN-GENERAL-BCC to chain reflectors?

Question #2: If so, are there any other parameters that need to
be set to make this work? (Sample .conf files would
be appreciated.)

Question #3: Does anyone know what, specifically, the error message is
complaining about?

Thank you,

--Andrew Gent
Digital Equipment Corporation