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>Good day;
>Will someone please share "instructions" for a one on one private conference?
>I know some University reflectors that people hardly use. Can you still use
>those reflectors for private conference?
>Thanks..... :)
>Signed Clue less

The only thing you have to do to connect one-on-one is to enter the IP
address of the other person. CU-SeeMe connects via IP addresses.
Reflectors and slip/ppp users all have an IP address. The problem with
slip/ppp connections is that MOST of them are assigned dynamically. This
means that your IP will tend to be different every time you dial in.

You and your friend can dial in and email each other with the current IP
address, or you could use IRC to meet and exchange the addresses. This
works very well for lots of dynamic IP users.

Re Univ refs for private:
As long as anyone else can connect to the refelctor using the conference
number of ZERO, do NOT assume that you are on a private connection. MOST
University reflectors are PUBLIC, and use a conference number of ZERO.

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