Re: Questions about chaining reflectors with ADMIT-GENERAL-BCC

Brian O'Shea (
Mon, 05 Aug 1996 10:10:27 -0400



>I have a few questions for those of you who are successfully
>running multiple reflectors together.
>What we are trying to do is chain two or more reflectors together
>to broadcast live feeds to large groups. We are trying to do this
>with ADMIT-GENERAL-BCC and OBTAIN-GENERAL-BCC. However, our attempts
>have failed to work.
>The situation is this:
> We are using CUSeeME Reflect V4.0b3 on two Digital UNIX systems.

I think this is where your problem begins and ends. I'm assuming that the
Digital UNIX is running on an Alpha platform?? The 4.0B3 reflector has
problems when running on Little Endian CPU's. The problem was due to the fact
that the network byte order, and the host byte order were different, and the
reflector didn't convert properly in all cases.

The White Pine reflector, which started life as a 4.0B3 reflector, has all of
those bugs fixed. You can download and run one for free for 30 days from our
web site. I'll bet that it will work just fine for you. If it does not, let
me know.


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