CuSeeMe and Hauppauge Win TV Celebrity Card

Adam Jumani (
Mon, 5 Aug 1996 16:01:59 +0100

Please can anyone help me at all with this problem. I recently
purchased a Win TV Celebrity card and after installing it and getting
it properly configured with it's own software, installed cuseeme.
The cuseeme software seemed to find the installed driver for the card
on startup, due to the fact that a local video window came up. The only
problem is that the local video window is just showing a fuzzy
picture. Nothing at all is distinguishable on it even. I've tried
connecting to other people and they see this fuzzy picture also. It
show's up on the compatibility list but I've probably tried nearly
every setting now. Has anyone had this problem and cured it at all?

I'd appreciate any help on this at all, cheers.

Also I downloaded the demo version of Enhanced CuSeeMe from WPine's
site, and also got the demo serial number sent to me. When I enter
the serial number it says the demo has allready expired?? I haven't
even tried it out yet. Is anyone else having this problem?

Adam Jumani