RE: Cross-Platform Problems and Opening Windows at Startup

Mark Farone (Mark_Farone@SFA.UFL.EDU)
5 Aug 1996 15:15:41 -0500

From: on Mon, Aug 5, 1996 2:57 PM

>I've been wondering if there's any way that, when CU-SeeMe
>launches, it can start out displaying certain windows. Right now,
>the Macintosh versions start out with the audio window on the
>screen, and the PC versions start out with only the main window. I
>want the application to start with audio and whiteboard. Is there
>any way to do this?

Well, one workaround for the Mac would be to create an applescript or perl
script which is used to open the app and select the appropriate menu items.
In theory, you could do the same with Win95. :)

However, my versions of CUSeeMe automagically open the local video window, and
then open the audio and participant windows only if they were previously open
when the program last quit.

>The last, and perhaps most important problem is that I've
>been having trouble getting audio to actually come out of the
>speakers of the machines. The PCs have been sounding audio when the
>Macintoshes send it, but the Macintoshes haven't been sounding when
>the PCs send, even though the green volume bar shows up fine.

Be sure you have "playthrough" selected under System Folder:Control
Panels:Sounds, or a similar control panel. Also, FWIW, I have only been able
to receive audio from Intel to Mac when delta-mod or IntelDVI are selected on
the Mac and I have the Mhz down as low as possible (in both the control panel
and the settings in CUSeeMe).

Mark Farone