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>Subject: SE100 & Win95'
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>Hello all,
>I was able to get the Creative VBSE100 installed in Win95' environment with
>the help of a 1.5hr tel call to Creative Tech Support. It seems that there
>W95 versions of the drivers for the board are "inadequete" to say the least.
>The final outcome was to use the W3.11 software and drivers for the board.
>Now that I have it installed, I would like to get it running with ECU.
>However when I start ECU 2.01 it states : Capture device does not support
>color. You will not be able to use the color codec to send video.
>The next box that pops up is : Capture device not detected. You will not be
>able to send video.
>Weeeel, I have the B/W Quickie installed, as well as CuDOODLE. But ECU will
>not will not give me any options in preferences>video> to select a different
>capture device. MSVIDEO= is set to quickcam.drv, I have deleted and
>reinstalled all the MSVIDEO settings, as well as just leaving the MSVIDEO
>set to quickcam.drv without any additional MSVIDEO1=, or MSVIDEO2=.
>Any suggestions?
>Any and all comments would be appriciated!!
>Whats the matter with OLESTRA??
>Hasnt McDonalds been using it for years??

If CU is set to use the Quickcam, and it doesn't see it when it starts up,
then you won't be able to choose any other drivers. Go back to system.ini
and make the se100 the msvideo= entry, and change the quickcam driver to be
msvideo1 or msvideo2. You should then be able to run CU and it should
choose the msvideo= driver.

The other way to fix this would be to edit the c:\windows\cuseeme.ini file
with notepad (see below)

[Capture Settings]
CaptureDeviceName=QuickCam video capture driver

Change the capturedeviceindex to the number on the msvideo line that has the
se100 driver. You COULD (but don't have to) change the capturedevicename to
match the SE100 name, but I don't think this is absolutely necessary. For
example, if your system.ini file shows msvideo2=se100cap.drv then change
your cuseeme.ini to say capturedeviceindex=2. This has fixed the problem
for several people that have come to my IRC channel for help.

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