Re:connecting from a Netcom shell account

Bill Woodland (
Mon, 05 Aug 1996 17:01:22 -0500

>Date: Sun, 4 Aug 1996 23:36:49 +0000
>From: "Bernie Verreau" <>
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>Subject: connecting from a Netcom shell account
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>Forgive me if this is a FAQ, but I was hoping someone might
>have a quick answer..
>I have a Netcom shell account and a (beta test) Netcom
>NetCruiser account. I've managed to get both the freeware
>and enhanced versions of CUSeeMe running under the NetCruiser
>account with Trumpet 2.1f but haven't had any success with
>SLiRP 0.9o and Trumpet from the shell account. I am unable
>to connect with any IP address except my own.
>I can think of two possible explanations: I'm running
>Trumpet in PPP mode with Netcruiser and in SLIP mode with
>the Unix account. I can possibly switch to PPP for the
>latter, but that presents some configuration problems itself
>especially if it means having to use White Pine's winsock.
>The other possibility that occurs to me is that it's a firewall
>problem. I know that shell accounts couldn't handle RealAudio
>until the firewall vendor made provision for it and the same
>may be true for CU. Any suggestions? TIA,
>Bernie Verreau,, Redwood City, CA

If I'm wrong here, someone please let me know, CU-SeeMe only works with a
slip or a ppp account. It will not work with SLIRP as far as I know. With
SLIRP you don't actually get your own IP address, which is necessary for it
to work. I talked to one guy in the past that was trying to get it to work
by telling SLIRP something special, tho I don't recall what it was, and I
never heard from him on whether he actually got it to work or not.

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