Re:CuSeeMe and Hauppauge Win TV Celebrity Card

Bill Woodland (
Mon, 05 Aug 1996 17:01:24 -0500

>Date: Mon, 5 Aug 1996 16:01:59 +0100
>From: "Adam Jumani" <>
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>Subject: CuSeeMe and Hauppauge Win TV Celebrity Card
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>Please can anyone help me at all with this problem. I recently
>purchased a Win TV Celebrity card and after installing it and getting
>it properly configured with it's own software, installed cuseeme.
>The cuseeme software seemed to find the installed driver for the card
>on startup, due to the fact that a local video window came up. The only
>problem is that the local video window is just showing a fuzzy
>picture. Nothing at all is distinguishable on it even. I've tried
>connecting to other people and they see this fuzzy picture also. It
>show's up on the compatibility list but I've probably tried nearly
>every setting now. Has anyone had this problem and cured it at all?
>I'd appreciate any help on this at all, cheers.

Go to the Edit/Preferences screen and try the different palette selections.
I don't know exactly which one you will need to use, but on my Captivator
card it would only work in 8-bit palettized mode.

>Also I downloaded the demo version of Enhanced CuSeeMe from WPine's
>site, and also got the demo serial number sent to me. When I enter
>the serial number it says the demo has allready expired?? I haven't
>even tried it out yet. Is anyone else having this problem?
>Adam Jumani

Call White Pine's tech support for the answer to this, or email them, or
perhaps Brian O'Shea will see it right here and answer it for you. I didn't
have this problem. If you actually PAID for the earlier version from White
Pine, then you will have to fill in a form on their web page, and wait for
them to email you the instructions on where to go to get the REAL upgrade.

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