Re:Cross-Platform Problems and Opening Windows at Startup

Bill Woodland (
Mon, 05 Aug 1996 17:36:21 -0500

>Date: Mon, 05 Aug 1996 14:31:48 -0400
>From: "Daniel P. Kamalic" <>
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>Subject: Cross-Platform Problems and Opening Windows at Startup
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>Hi. Please don't hesitate to answer any or all of the following
> I've have several reflectors, both White Pine and Cornell
>varieties, and several Windows and Macintosh machines running
>Enhanced CU-SeeMe. I've been launching CU-SeeMe with a connection
>to a reflector by running a .cu file off a web page.
> I've been wondering if there's any way that, when CU-SeeMe
>launches, it can start out displaying certain windows. Right now,
>the Macintosh versions start out with the audio window on the
>screen, and the PC versions start out with only the main window. I
>want the application to start with audio and whiteboard. Is there
>any way to do this?
> Also, is there any way to continue a whiteboard session when
>the initiator leaves the conference? I figure I can have one "dummy
>user" initiate the whiteboard and always stay on, wven when others
> The last, and perhaps most important problem is that I've
>been having trouble getting audio to actually come out of the
>speakers of the machines. The PCs have been sounding audio when the
>Macintoshes send it, but the Macintoshes haven't been sounding when
>the PCs send, even though the green volume bar shows up fine. (I am
>pushing to talk and all. I'm not sure why the PCs have the PTT
>button disabled. Is it because their sound cards (SB16) are
> Well, thanks in advance for any help you can offer.
> -Dan

Good questions, Dan. I can only answer the PC part of this. First about
opening up certain windows:
Open CU-SeeMe, then open the audio window. Now go to Edit preferences,
general tab, and click on "save window positions on exit". This will not
only save the POSITIONS, but it will also save the STATE (open or closed) of
the windows, so the next time you start CU-SeeMe the audio window should
open automatically and position itself where you left it the last time.
This is something I had asked them for a few months ago. It will also
remember the position and state of the chat window, participants list, and
your local video window.

IN THE PARTICIPANTS LIST THOUGH. We always have to open the sections
manually...if we open the list, don't you think we would want at least oNE
of the sections to be open? If not, then the list has no use except to take
up screen space, on which we are already short.

As far as the Whiteboard goes, I haven't found a way to have it open
automatically. Re the problem with the initiator leaving the conference, I
can't help there, either. It would seem to me, tho that if the initiator
leaves, then the project is over with:)

As far as the PTT being disabled, this must mean that CU doesn't realize
that you have a sound card. I have a half duplex soundblaster pro, and I
went to edit/prefs ,audio tab, and chose the soundblaster driver there. My
PTT button is not disabled. This doesn't have anything to do with half or
full duplex. If other audio applications work fine, then you probably need
to tell CU what audio driver to use, as I did.

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