Re:Re:SE100 & Win95'

Ron Elkayam (
Mon, 5 Aug 1996 18:59:04 -0400 (EDT)

> >I was able to get the Creative VBSE100 installed in Win95' environment with
> >the help of a 1.5hr tel call to Creative Tech Support. It seems that there
> >W95 versions of the drivers for the board are "inadequete" to say the least.
> >The final outcome was to use the W3.11 software and drivers for the board.

> >Any suggestions?
> >Any and all comments would be appriciated!!

The way I fixed my (Original) Video Blaster (CT-6000) to work with Windows
95 and FreeVue (not CUSeeMe): Switched to 640x480 resolution and 256
color mode in Config->Display options. When I moved to another machine,
however, which had 16MB (and the Original VB isn't supposed to run with
16MB...) running in 640x480x256 was not enough - I had to install all of
the available drivers for the OTHER VideoBlaster models (some changed
the ini, some didn't even execute), and eventually it worked!!! Problem
is, I don't know which driver did the trick - I tried them all...

I'm right now using some driver which is for another model of
VideoBlaster, and it works with FreeVue.

Haven't tried CUSeeMe yet since I don't have ANY space on my harddrive,
and I don't feel like fiddling around with the software to make it work
just yet. Maybe it'll work right outta da box! ....Nah...