Re:connecting from a Netcom shell account

Bill Neisius (
Mon, 5 Aug 1996 22:47:35 -0700

At 12:11 AM 8/6/96 EDT, you wrote:
>>Forgive me if this is a FAQ, but I was hoping someone might
>>have a quick answer..
>>I have a Netcom shell account and a (beta test) Netcom
>>NetCruiser account. I've managed to get both the freeware
>>and enhanced versions of CUSeeMe running under the NetCruiser
>>account with Trumpet 2.1f but haven't had any success with
>>SLiRP 0.9o and Trumpet from the shell account. I am unable
>>to connect with any IP address except my own.
>>I can think of two possible explanations: I'm running
>>Trumpet in PPP mode with Netcruiser and in SLIP mode with
>>the Unix account. I can possibly switch to PPP for the
>>latter, but that presents some configuration problems itself
>>especially if it means having to use White Pine's winsock.
>>The other possibility that occurs to me is that it's a firewall
>>problem. I know that shell accounts couldn't handle RealAudio
>>until the firewall vendor made provision for it and the same
>>may be true for CU. Any suggestions? TIA,
>>Bernie Verreau,, Redwood City, CA
>If I'm wrong here, someone please let me know, CU-SeeMe only works with a
>slip or a ppp account. It will not work with SLIRP as far as I know. With
>SLIRP you don't actually get your own IP address, which is necessary for it
>to work. I talked to one guy in the past that was trying to get it to work
>by telling SLIRP something special, tho I don't recall what it was, and I
>never heard from him on whether he actually got it to work or not.

Actually, CUSeeMe works fine with SLiRP... I use it all the time from
my Netcom shell account. No, you don't need your 'own' IP... the
IP address of the Netcom host works just fine. Naturally, you'll
need to put the dummy SLiRP address in your local host file
to keep CUSeeMe happy...

Works fine with Trumpet Winsock, or with the Win95 Winsock...
Your problem may be that you're using an old version of SLiRP. Current
version (on Netcom) is v1.0C. It's available on:


Doesn't matter if you use SLIP, CSLIP, or PPP mode; all work fine...

Seems to me I had to fool around a bit with redirecting ports to get it to
receive a point-to-point connection... but for connecting to reflectors,
it works fine right out of the box...

Well, almost fine. I do have a problem that chat packets don't seem
to ever leave my machine... I've run a socket trace on it, and it
looks like CUSeeMe doesn't even attempt to put the chat packets on
the net. It receives chat fine, but never sends...

Oh, and RealAudio v2 works fine as well...

Bill Neisius