Color Quickcam and the Cornell cu-seeme

Tim Hadlow (
Tue, 6 Aug 1996 13:30:02 +0100 said:
> I recently got a color quickcam from connectix, and I am very
> desappointed with some aspects:
> 1) I cannot videoconference using the cornell cu-seeme, the cornell
> codec don't work with the color cam.
> 2) I cannot connect to most reflectors, because nobody get's my
> video... only the users using enhanced cu-seeme on a white-pine
> reflector can see me. (Leo Karan) said:
> I have a cuseeme WO.84b7 copy, but it doesn't have CaptureDepth= in [capture
> settings] section in the cuseeme.ini file. May I find it only at "Enhanced
> CU-SeeMe"? I pretend install a QuickCam Color, so how can I do to get a
> copy of Enhanced CU-SeeMe?

I am having the same problem, it never occurred to me that the Color
Quickcam would not have a greyscale mode. Does anyone know if Quickcam
are intending the next release of the drivers to support greyscale
operation? I want to use the device to communicate with BOTH White-Pine
and Cornell cu-seeme.


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