Re:Cross-Platform Problems

Joseph M Izen (
Tue, 6 Aug 1996 11:55:56 -0500


> The last, and perhaps most important problem is that I've
>been having trouble getting audio to actually come out of the
>speakers of the machines. The PCs have been sounding audio when the
>Macintoshes send it, but the Macintoshes haven't been sounding when
>the PCs send, even though the green volume bar shows up fine. (I am
>pushing to talk and all. I'm not sure why the PCs have the PTT
>button disabled. Is it because their sound cards (SB16) are

I'm taking bets that the PC is using one of the 2 low bandwidth codecs
(2.5K or 8.5K) that are not supported on Mac. Look to a future White Pine
Mac release for these codecs. This could have been made clearer in their
documentation. In fact, the Mac 64K mu-law codec doesn't work on the PC,
and the 2.5K, 8.5K and 16K delta-mod encoding is not vat compatible. The
one audio codec common to all versions of CU-SeeMe (CU and WP) and vat is
32K dvi.

-Joe Izen