Some reflectors for folks to play on.

Jim Hall (
Tue, 06 Aug 1996 14:30:17 -0400

For those of you craving for more ref addresses, here are the IP
addresses for two reflectors operated by my employer, Pseudo Programs,

1) This ref is a g-rated "chat" ref. Nudity, profanity,
crotchcams, etc. are not allowed. Lurkers are also not allowed.

2) This is our broadcast ref. At the moment we are
testing the simulcast of RealAudio from our Internet Radio Department
and CUSM with a QuickCam in the studio. We are also broadcasting samples
of some of our other video and 3-D animation work, much of it done in my
department, the AV section of Pseudo. Lurkers are allowed here, as are a
limited number of video senders.

Please come visit us. Tell your friends. Tell us what you think.

Jim Hall
Director, AV Department
Pseudo Programs, Inc.