Re:WinTV Celebrity card and Enhanced CU download location

Bill Woodland (
Thu, 08 Aug 1996 21:48:38 -0500

I just got this from Adam Jumani from the UK, and thought I should share it
with all of you:

>Comments: Authenticated sender is <>
>From: "Adam Jumani" <>
>To: Bill Woodland <>
>Date: Wed, 7 Aug 1996 15:31:09 +0100
>Subject: Re:CuSeeMe and Hauppauge Win TV Celebrity Card
>Priority: normal
>I managed to sort out the problem with the demo version of enhanced
>cuseeme. It seems that that some sites are still offering the demo
>version that was set to expire on 31 July, and I had that one. After
>getting a reply from cuseeme tech support, I downloaded the file from
>wpines site itself, and the demo loaded no probs. And it detected my
>hauppauge win tv card while installing. I can even switch to 24 bit
>RGB colour in the video format menu and the local video picture stays
>viewable. It's looking very promising at the moment then about me
>being able to send colour video over the 'net. I'll keep you posted
>if I have any further problems with it but I don't envisage any.
>If it's anything to go by, I think the Celebrity card is very
>functional, I don't think I've tried all the features as yet. And
>hauppauge has a cool web site where I can get all the latest drivers
>etc as they become available. Hope this is of interest to you.
>Best Regards,
>Adam Jumani

So it looks like the WIN TV Celebrity card is a pretty good choice for
Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 platforms. The web page and the ability to
download current drivers/patches can be the KEY to getting things to work
properly. Hauppauge should be applauded for this. Not all of the
manufacturers have their updates available via a web page.

For those of you trying to use CU on Windows NT, the readme for the latest
version DOES state that it will run under NT, but the capture card you chose
MUST ALSO work under NT for you to transmit video. I have heard from some
people here in the list that they were able to get CU to work under NT with
particular capture cards, but I don't recall the board they were using, or
any of the details. You could check the mailing list archives, which are at:

Also let me warn the new folks here: if you want to download the Enhanced
CU-SeeMe client, be sure to download it ONLY from the OFFICIAL White Pine
web site at:

This may sound like an unnecessary suggestion, but as you can see from
Adam's message, there are other sites out there that do NOT have the current

At this web address, you can get:

A serial number that you MUST have to install the program
Enhanced CU-SeeMe for Windows
Enhanced CU-SeeMe for Macintosh
White Pine Reflector for UNIX
White Pine Reflector for Windows NT / 95

If you decide to PURCHASE the enhanced version, and are willing to download
it via the net, the current price is $69 US.

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