LPT3 ?

fbailey (fbailey@ghgcorp.com)
Thu, 8 Aug 1996 15:22:41 -0500

Is anyone using a setup that has three LPT's? LPT1 (irq 7)has the printer,
LPT2 (irq 5) is the controller card for the Epson Color Scanner. I have a
mechanical A/B switch box but have a hard time switching it with my
disability. Can I just add another EPP parallel card, or will an Automatic
Switching A/B connection work?

Question 2: I downloaded the latest Win95 upgrade for the SB 32 PnP sound
card, what is an easy way to test the Full Duplex that this upgrade was
suppose to add to the card? Microsoft's NetMeeting sayes my audio is full
duplex but if I try to connect with someone, the audio will work for a few
seconds then lockup the computer. Using half duplex works o.k.

My setup, 75 Pent., Win95, 16 meg. B/W Quick Cam

Thanks for any info.
Frank, in Kemah TX.