LPT3 ?

ISP-TV Main Contact (isptv@access.digex.net)
Thu, 8 Aug 1996 16:44:58 -0400


Welcome from ISP-TV, an Internet video network of linked CU-SeeMe
reflectors. ISP-TV exists to popularize the use of video on the Internet
by providing a larger audience for CU-SeeMe events.

Have you been working on an interesting CU-SeeMe broadcast? Been thinking
about starting a weekly Internet TV show? Or does your reflector
currently carry programming, but you would like more people to watch?

If you have a CU-SeeMe event you would like to carry over the ISP-TV
broadcast network, send email to isptv@digex.net. ISP-TV can either be
your main reflector, or you can BCC video from your main reflector to our
central reflector.

WWW http://www.digex.net/isptv for more info on ISP-TV

- ISP-TV Central Contact
Digital Express Group, Inc.