Question about Cu-seeme

Bryan D Steffey (
Thu, 8 Aug 1996 18:19:48 MST

Hello All,

I recently download a copy of this program from the cornell site and
am having a couple of problems with it so I thought I would
ask here for advice.

I am running it on a 586 (100 hz) machine with a 28.8 modem and 8 bit
After I connect to a reflector and then disconnect, and then they to
connect to another
it will tell me I am connected but go back to the feed from the first
reflector. I will continue to get video from this reflector as long as
I am connected to the internet.

Also when I try to connect to a reflector from a list I got at the cornell site
I frequently get the message it is not responding. Should I assume it
is off line or is there a wait time I should set longer?

Any help with these would be greatly appreciated.