Microsoft's Windows '95 tcpip client

Gary K. Webber (
Thu, 08 Aug 1996 18:18:14 -0500

Hi Folks!
I have been lurking for a while, and have visited many FAQs
and users guides, even browsed the archives, but have not found
the answer to this question. The "compat.txt" file asserts that
CUSeeMe will work with Microsoft's Windows '95 tcpip client,
but when I try to launch, it can't find tcpman.exe. Is there a work-around?
I am using WO.84B7 on a Pentium 133 with Win 95, a Best Data
28.8, and a QuickCam. Everything works fine under Trumpet, but I
like the '95 client, it seems easier to use and more reliable (at least
until now). I apologize if this has been dealt with before.