Video Capture card setup info requested

Bill Woodland (
Thu, 08 Aug 1996 23:07:32 -0500

OK, similar to Ed Carter's testimonial requests, I'm asking for this info
again. I have only heard from two or three of you regarding this.

I want to add a new section to my web page to help people like Wayne G. Maas
and his problem with the Pro Movie Spectrum card. I used to have a
Captivator card, and could write up some instructions for installing it and
the software, and how to setup CU-seeMe to use it. I would like to have the
same info for all of the supported capture cards, but have no real
experience with any of the others.

If any of you folks would be so kind as to write up an email message to me
about how to setup YOUR particular video capture card, then I will compile
all of this info together and put it in a seperate section of my web page
for others to read. I figured that it would have to have 4 sections for
each 3.1, win95, Cornell CU-SeeMe, and White Pine CU-SeeMe, since
there are subtle differences.

Please email this info DIRECTLY to me, so as to cut down undue traffic on
the list, and make a note of your setup:win 3.1, win95, Cornell CU, or WP
CU, and I will happily add it to my page.


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