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>Hello there,
>I like to buy a Connectix QuickCAM . I found there have so many problems
>in Color CAM. Can anyone tell me should I buy a Color Cam or just buy
>a B&W Cam for the security sake in order to avoid all the exiting
>problem occurs in Color CAm.
>In fact, I prefer Color CAM. I afraid one day the B&W CAM will faded
>Please give me any advice on that . Thank you in advance.
>Best regards

Well most of the problems with the color quickcam have been worked around,
tho the quality of the video is still not what you would like it to be. I
think that problem MIGHT be addressed by an update from Connectix sometime
in the future (if THEY decide to fix it). It works, is a CPU hog, but it works.

For example, check out George Neervoort's screen capture in the Europe part
of the "United Nations under CU-SeeMe" section of my web page. This
particular capture was done BY GEORGE on his LOCAL VIDEO WINDOW. The
quality at that end is very good. Next check out the "color quickcam
example" part of my page. This shows you what the video would look like on
the other end.

I doubt that CU-SeeMe will ever drop the compatibility of the b&w quickcam,
due to it's (still) increasing popularity. The decision of which one to buy
is, ultimately, up to you.

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