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>Subject: Question about Cu-seeme
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>Hello All,
>I recently download a copy of this program from the cornell site and
>am having a couple of problems with it so I thought I would
>ask here for advice.
>I am running it on a 586 (100 hz) machine with a 28.8 modem and 8 bit
>After I connect to a reflector and then disconnect, and then they to
>connect to another
>it will tell me I am connected but go back to the feed from the first
>reflector. I will continue to get video from this reflector as long as
>I am connected to the internet.
>Also when I try to connect to a reflector from a list I got at the cornell site
>I frequently get the message it is not responding. Should I assume it
>is off line or is there a wait time I should set longer?
>Any help with these would be greatly appreciated.

First of all, when you disconnect from a reflector site, wait about 30
seconds before attempting to connect to another ref. Secondly, and most
important, is to adjust your receive maximum setting to 28k. If you don't
have a video device, you will have to edit the cuseeme.ini file by hand to
do this, OR you could download CUDOODLE from Bill Neisius's web page
(, which would take a rectangular
portion of the screen and transmit it as if it came from a camera/capture
card. This would allow you to adjust your transmit (now) and receive
settings right there from your local video window.

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