Reflector on multi-homed Solaris machine

Terrence Randell (
Fri, 09 Aug 96 11:11:00 EST

Problem Description:
4.00b3 reflector does not run as expected on multi-homed (9 IPs assigned
to one 10Base-T interface) Sparc 5 running Solaris 2.4. Clients trying
to connect will get a "No response from..." message from the host and
either fail connecting or they will actually get the MOTD and then get
the message and then pick up reflector traffic. I am quite perplexed at
that one. This does not seem to happen on my Sparc 5 running SunOS4.1.4
which has two interface cards, each on it's own subnet.

My questions are:
Should the reflector be able to handle running on a host that has
multiple IPs assigned to a single network interface (in this case 9 IPs
on one 10Base-T card)?

If yes, does anyone have any ideas on why it isn't working for me?

If no, I'll just keep it on my SunOS and forget my troubles.

Anyone that wants, may connect to, CONF-ID 0.

Terrence Randell
National Academy Press
National Academy of Sciences