Re:Microsoft's Windows '95 tcpip client

Gary K. Webber (
Fri, 09 Aug 1996 11:13:05 -0500

Thanks to all!
I received three quick replies to my tcpip question, all
on target and very helpful. The solution that worked came from
Bill, quoted below. I did indeed have newer, larger copies of
winsock.dll in two other directories. Removing them and installing
the correct version in windows/system solved the problem. Thanks
once again to Stephen, Bill, and MarcEboy for their assistance.

Q:>The "compat.txt" file asserts that
>>CUSeeMe will work with Microsoft's Windows '95 tcpip client,
>>but when I try to launch, it can't find tcpman.exe. Is there a work-around?

A:>The solution to this is to make sure that you only have ONE copy of
>winsock.dll, make sure it is in the windows\system directory, and that it's
>the one that's about 40k in size. Mine is 42080 bytes and is dated 7/11/95.
>The winsock.dll file that comes with Trumpet is being loaded for some
>reason, and it's coded in that file to look for tcpman.exe. The winsock.dll
>file that I have for my old trumpet v2.0b is 145,152 bytes and is dated