Re: connecting from a Netcom shell account

Bernie Verreau (
Sat, 10 Aug 1996 14:32:40 +0000

> Date: Wed, 7 Aug 1996 00:52:05 EDT
> CU-SEEME-L Digest 865

> At 12:11 AM 8/6/96 EDT, bverreau wrote:
>> I have a Netcom shell account and a (beta test) Netcom
>> NetCruiser account. I've managed to get both the freeware
>> and enhanced versions of CUSeeMe running under the NetCruiser
>> account with Trumpet 2.1f but haven't had any success with
>> SLiRP 0.9o and Trumpet from the shell account. I am unable
>> to connect with any IP address except my own.

> From: Bill Neisius <>
> Actually, CUSeeMe works fine with SLiRP... I use it all the time from
> my Netcom shell account. No, you don't need your 'own' IP... the
> IP address of the Netcom host works just fine. Naturally, you'll
> need to put the dummy SLiRP address in your local host file
> to keep CUSeeMe happy...

I'm happy to report that CUSeeMe does indeed work with SLiRP and a
PPP connection. I am still unable to get it running in SLIP mode.
I think the reason I had trouble before was that I had hardware
handshaking enabled in Trumpet's setup. As soon as I disabled that
control, connections were easy. I believe there's still some
difference in behavior between the shell and NetCruiser accounts.
The shell account seems to have a harder time connecting with xmit-
accepting reflectors, and I wonder if it may have something to do
with the IP address. I know a lot of sites screen for
"unacceptable behavior", and might be considered the
equivalent of an anonymous login. Maybe I'll try changing the
default address to something else.

> Works fine with Trumpet Winsock, or with the Win95 Winsock...
> Your problem may be that you're using an old version of SLiRP. Current
> version (on Netcom) is v1.0C. It's available on:
> /usr/local/nuglops/bin/slirp

I also upgraded my slirp software, so this may be a contributing

> Doesn't matter if you use SLIP, CSLIP, or PPP mode; all work fine...

Still working on SLIP..

> Seems to me I had to fool around a bit with redirecting ports to get it to
> receive a point-to-point connection... but for connecting to reflectors,
> it works fine right out of the box...

Remember to add SLiRP's PPP switch "slirp -P".

> Well, almost fine. I do have a problem that chat packets don't seem
> to ever leave my machine... I've run a socket trace on it, and it
> looks like CUSeeMe doesn't even attempt to put the chat packets on
> the net. It receives chat fine, but never sends...

Chat seems to work for me almost as well as IRC. Maybe
it's because I'm not transmitting video yet.

> Oh, and RealAudio v2 works fine as well...

Yes, but I think it took Netcom's firewall change to fix it.

Thanks to all who replied,

Bernie Verreau,, Redwood City, CA

> From: Lewis Taylor <>
> just wanted to say that i have cu-seeme working on a shell account using
> slirp.
> but you hace to use slirp in the ppp mode, not in the slip mode.
> lewis

Thanks also, lewis.