Re: Surviellance/Monitoring

Brett Harvey (
Tue, 13 Aug 1996 13:29:05 -0500

>I don't think CU-SeeMe was intended as a surveillance tool. If by
>surveillance you mean spying on people. To me that seems an invasion of
>privacy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would hope this software would be used for th=
>benefit of people and not the benefit of snoops!!

yikes! whoa -- chill please. CUSM is a video conferencing program - yes.
But what/how they use it within their own domain is their choice. How is
it an invasion of privacy? We use/have used it to monitor a computer lab
from a remote location due to theft. I certainly don't see how that's an
invasion of privacy. H*ll - there's more cameras watching you in stores
and such - do you call that invasion of privacy?

I didn't see where he mentioned "snooping" on people - just surviellance.

Brett C. Harvey

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