Wondering . . . .

Tue, 13 Aug 1996 13:47:57 -0500

I know, I know. This may be a dumb question and all of you have probably
heard it before, but here goes.

I am (I admit it) a newbie with this CU-Seeme thing. I have absolutly
not a clue as to get this thing working.

To make matters worse, I am using <gasp> a MAC.

Can anyone send me (or point me in the right direction) information how
to get up and running?

At this point, all I have is a Mac Quadra 950 with lots of ram and big
hard drive, with a video camera that I have no way of plugging in. The
Quadra 950 is not an AV machine, so I have to figure out a workaround.
I'm open for suggestions on which way to go.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!