Re: Surviellance/Monitoring

Brett Schechter (
Tue, 13 Aug 1996 13:29:39 -0700 (PDT)

On Tue, 13 Aug 1996, Brett Harvey wrote:

Privacy issues are highly sensitized in America, especially as we have
abrogated so many to regulatory agencies and employers. That having been
said, an employer is within moral and legal boundries when monitoring
employee sites. Internal theft is one of the major loss venues,
especially in the retail sector. CU-Seeme reflector & network is an
excellent, low cost method for a small business.

I use my home's ethernet network, a cu-seeme reflector/server box, and 3
remote computers to monitor security and children. Works great, I had
all the equipment (quickcams are only $80 here in the Silly Valley!), and
no need to install elaborate camera switching eqiuipment.


> >I don't think CU-SeeMe was intended as a surveillance tool. If by
> >surveillance you mean spying on people. To me that seems an invasion of
> >privacy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would hope this software would be used for the
> >benefit of people and not the benefit of snoops!!
> >
> yikes! whoa -- chill please. CUSM is a video conferencing program - yes.
> But what/how they use it within their own domain is their choice. How is
> it an invasion of privacy? We use/have used it to monitor a computer lab
> from a remote location due to theft. I certainly don't see how that's an
> invasion of privacy. H*ll - there's more cameras watching you in stores
> and such - do you call that invasion of privacy?
> I didn't see where he mentioned "snooping" on people - just surviellance.
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