Guidance for a new person

M. Greene (
Tue, 13 Aug 1996 15:15:19 -0700

Actually I have been a person for some time now. What I meant to
say is that I am new to the internet video concept.

Present equipment:

Pentium 90
850M HD
16M ram

16 bit half-duplex sound card

High quality VHS Cam-corder

Should I;

1) Buy the Quick-cam and leave it at that?

2) Buy a video board or some kind so that I can use the higher
quality cam-corder? What about color? What about sending
from a tape? What about snatching frames of video for other

I have not been able to see CU-SEEME in action. I have IRC
chatted with people activly using it, but all refuse to provide any
video unless I send back some. I think it is reasonable to see the
silly thing work at least once before plunking down the big bucks.

Any and all ideas are greatly appreciated and if this is an old subject,
my apologies.