Trying to set up Mac Ref--HELP!!

Brett Schechter (
Tue, 13 Aug 1996 21:36:25 -0800

I've decided to add something back to the CU-SEEME community, and establish
a free ref. I must admit that a certain degree of prurient hopes are also
included. Yet, my wife has said yes to the funding (I've allocated about
$10k, details to follow).

It was with horror that I realized that although CU-Seeme had begun on the
Mac, the reflector software was a UNIX guru's domain. However, I have
located a very hacked and ported Mac reflector version on a server at MIT.
One day's inspection makes me leery of using it. It is known simply as
"reflector 3.0b3." Has anybody had experience with this?

Today I noticed that WhitePine does indeed sell Mac reflector versions.
For a 50 user license, the price is $899. How good is this fairly
expensive piece of software? Any other ideas for a Mac based ref?

I currently have an ISDN line, an 8500/120, a couple of camcorders and
quickcams. The past few days I have been soliciting quotes for full 1.54
Mbps T1 service. I live in the Silicon Valley, so prices may be lower
here--but the variance is staggering!!! My current thought is to go with
PacBell, at a whopping $2700 install and $2200/month!!! Divorce court here
we come! Is this too much bandwidth? Alternatives??

My house is wired for 10baset ethernet, and I also have a couple of
performas and a 7100/80. What routers, terminators or other devices are
best/most cost effective? Some ISP's offer turnkey packages with Cisco
routers and a device called a DSU/CSU, what works best?

Sorry to ask so many questions, but the sheer lack of info has shocked me.
White Pine salespeople have not returned my phone calls, and MacMall's ad
is very vague (the salespeople were predictably little help).

Any help would be a reflector be born!!!!!!


Brett Schechter